React Sub Wireless Subwoofer for React Sound Bar

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Deep, impactful bass for your Polk React series sound bar.
This seven-inch, long-throw, wireless subwoofer disappears
in your room. Perfectly tuned to extend the bass of your
React sound bar for virtually any movie, TV show, or song.

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More Bass for Your React Sound Bar
Your Polk React sound bar makes your TV sound fantastic. Add a
React Sub for even deeper, more impactful bass.

Engineered for Long Bass Reach
The React Sub’s long-throw, high-excursion woofer moves more air
than a traditional sub for a farther reach and deeper bass.

Constructed for Tight Bass Impact
The React Sub’s unique low-turbulence, flared port tube keeps
bass performance tight for precise impact.

Self-regulating Bass eq
Polk Bass AdjustTM EQ automatically adjusts a React series sound
bar’s settings to accommodate the React Sub’s additional bass.

Fits Just About Anywhere
With an unassuming design and wireless connectivity, the
React Sub easily hides in your room without losing a watt of

Control with Your Voice
React series sound bars are controllable by Amazon Alexa. Turn up
or down the React Sub’s bass with your voice.

Simple Wireless Setup
Plug it into a power outlet. Push two buttons. Done.

• Flared Port Tube: Low-turbulence performance for precise
bass impact.
• Long-throw Woofer: Moves more air than a traditional sub
for extended reach.
• Polk Bass AdjustTM: Automatically balances your bar’s bass
EQ when a React Sub is added.
• Seven-inch Driver: Powerful enough to drive performance but
compact enough for any room.
• Wireless Setup: Two-button setup process has you ready to go
in seconds.
• Voice Control: Adjust bass levels with Amazon Alexa.

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