Grandview Cyber Series 106″ 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen (CB-P106SR)

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The designer curved aluminum alloy casing of our Cyber series screen is stylish, lightweight and strong.

The innovative L-bracket rail installation system makes setup extremely easy. The screen can be ceiling or wall mounted, and once installed can slide left and right. L-brackets can be positioned at any point. Ceiling hook installation and extension brackets are also available.

The Cyber Series SR Manual Screens are available with the Speed Reduction feature. Speed Reduction allows you to let the screen go and it will slowly retract itself back into the housing once it is let go of. Self-lock allows the screen to be held for 3 seconds at any position an automatically locked.

All Grandview Cyber series screens come standard with our 4-layer matte white fabric with 1.0 gain. The 4-layer construction not only provides a crisp and colorful image, but also enhances screen integrity and prevents waves from forming.

Easy installation: Easy floating l-brackets makes installation simple yet secure. Fits onto a rail system that is adjustable and lockable.