Samsung T650 3.1ch Soundbar

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• Built-in centre speaker
• 3.1ch Sound with a Wireless subwoofer
• 3D surround sound with DTS Virtual:X
• Game & Smart sound modes

Enjoy a rich cinematic and gaming experience with the T650 Soundbar. With a built-in centre speaker, dialogue is crystal clear – while the bass is deep and powerfully intense thanks to the included wireless subwoofer. The DTS Virtual:X feature creates a spacious 3D sound while game mode offers enhanced directional sounds that make you feel like you are a part of the action. Thanks to the OneRemote you can control both your soundbar and TV to enjoy a powerful audio experience with ease.

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1. Built-In Centre Speaker Crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center channel.
2. 3D Surround Sound Experience 3D surround sound with DTS Virtual:X.
3. Powerful Bass Experience deep rich bass with an included wireless subwoofer.
4. Game Mode Elevate your gaming experience with cross-talk cancellation technology, which enhances directional sounds.
5. OneRemote Control¹ Simply control both soundbar and TV with your Samsung TV OneRemote control.2

1. Smart Sound Automatically optimizes sound for any content.
2. HDMI Simply connect to your TV with 1 HDMI In and 1 HDMI Out.
3. Bluetooth Multi-Connection Connect up to two smartphones to your soundbar at the same time and switch between your favourite playlists.
4. Wireless Surround Sound Ready² Wirelessly connect to rear speakers for an enhanced cinematic sound experience.²